Monday, January 14, 2013

Crafting Winter

Today we decided to make it snow, in our house anyway.  We miss having snow days to play outside and build snowmen.  We once lived in the mountains of Virginia and we enjoyed our share of snow.  Every winter we would engage in snowball fights and sledding and other such winter fun.  Now we live in Tennessee.  We live in a city that hangs right on the Georgia line.  Going into Georgia is about as easy as crossing the street.  I tell you this to explain the "southern-ness" of our current habitation.  It's usually warm here.  In our two years of living here we've seen snow only once.  So today, being January 14th, we decided to add a little snow-day to our school-day.

Since we can't make snowmen outside, we made them inside. This craft idea came from Pinterest - my  favorite place to hang out.  I believe the original idea came from The Happy Home Fairy.

Now that we've finished our craft we are going to enjoy some sugar cookies that Colin baked and some hot chocolate.  I think I might have to turn on the AC to make it feel cold though.  On second thought, the hubs would probably frown upon that.

Happy Winter!

1 comment:

  1. I'd package up and send you some snow to help you out a bit. We got five inches of the cold, white stuff today. Our wood stove was cranking. :)



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