Sunday, January 13, 2013

For the Love of Home

Worn out chair to read and nap and cuddle babies.  Soup on the stove.  Table spread with food.  Silverware doesn't match.  Friends, family, always room for more.  Little girls with dolls and boys' loud laughing.  Pillows and blankets, books and games.  Toys scattered.  Laundry piles.  Music soft.  Heart to heart talks lasting late.  Hugs for tears.  Warm cookies from the oven.  Mail in the box!  Cat on one's lap, dog on another.  Best friends.  Bubble baths before footed pajamas.  Chasing down tickles.  Storybooks and homework and writing letters.  Birthday cakes with candles.  Nightlights.  Sweet kisses.  Old table with tales to tell.  Picture covered walls.  Summertime ice cream.  Winter hot chocolate.  Legos, dollhouse, jigsaw puzzle, cards, Chess.  Coloring books with Popsicles for sick days.   Daddy reading.  Music practice.   Bookshelves bulging, dryer humming, dishwasher washing. Present wrapping.  Recipe book.  Birthday plate.  Happy stains cover one favorite tablecloth.  Coffee pot for morning coffee, and afternoon, and night.  Plans made whispering, secret surprises.  Help with hurts.  Tea time inside.  Football outside.  Mud.  Baking homemade bread.  Game nights.  Hard questions.  Planted flowers and jalapeno peppers.  The change jar and the prayer notebook.  Swimming goldfish seems like he smiles.  Taking turns.  Doors that squeak.  Driveway chalk artwork.  Messy forts.  Couches that look bad, feel good.   Bible time after suppertime.    Photo albums and scrapbooks.  One basket for seashells kept from the beach.  Scripture verses.  Traditions.  Algebra, cookouts, cleaning, reading.  Lunchtime.  Chore chart.  Big brothers, little sisters.   Hand-me-downs. Band aids for boo-boos, or just because.  Dibs on first shower.  Prayer.

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