Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sweet Messy Memories

For a special treat last night after dinner I fixed up a Caramel Apple Buffet.

First I crushed Snickers and Butterfinger candy bars. (I had been keeping them in the freezer so they would be hard and easy to chop up.)  I dumped them in my handy chopper and made crumbs out of them in no time flat.  I also set out some miniature Reese's Pieces.


I sliced the apples and put them on sticks.  (An idea from Pinterest.  I *heart* Pinterest!!)  This is the part my family liked best.  My husband commented how he never finishes a whole caramel apple and my kids commented how they liked being able to try several different combinations since they were doing one slice at a time.

We melted caramels on the stove (1 bag, 2 tablespoons water, med-low heat).

Next, we drizzled the caramel over the apple slices. 

Then we rolled them in the candy of our choice.  Some of the kids rolled them in all three choices.  I tried one with Snickers and one with Reese's Pieces.  They were super delicious!

All of the kids made their own (except the baby) and they had a blast doing it.  Yes, there was melted caramel all over the tablecloth and stuck to the place mats, and just before sitting down with my lap-top I stepped in a big glob on the floor.  But, like I always say...messes=memories!  Tonight we made a big mess memories!  

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  1. Love this idea. I will be doing the caramel apple buffet very soon. I LOVE caramel apples. This time last week we were getting on the road to Dayton. I had a blast. It was so good to get caught up. We pick up just where we leave off and don't skip a beat. HaHa!!! Let's keep it a tradition.

    Love ya,

  2. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I find a lot of great ideas on Pinterest too. My newest addiction. ~blessings



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