Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Nothing in the home-life needs to be more carefully watched and more diligently cultivated than the conversation.  It should be imbued with the spirit of love.  No bitter word should ever be spoken.  The language of husband and wife in their intercourse together should always be tender.  Anger in word, or even in tone, should never be suffered.  Chiding and faultfinding should never be permitted to mar the sacredness of their speech.  The warmth and tenderness of their hearts should flow out in every word that they utter to each other.  As parents, too, in their intercourse with their children, they should never speak save in words of Christlike gentleness.  It is a fatal mistake to suppose that children's lives can grow up into beauty in an atmosphere of strife.  Harsh, angry words are to their sensitive souls what frosts are to flowers.  To bring them up in the nurture of the Lord is to bring them up as Christ himself would, and surely that would be with infinite gentleness.  The blessed influence of loving speech day after day and month after month is impossible to estimate.  It is like the falling of warm spring sunshine and rain on the garden, causing lovely flowers to spring up in every nook and corner, and filling all the air with sweet fragrance.  Only beauty and gentleness of character can come from such a home.  -Rev. J.R. Miller, D.D.

I read the above tonight, and then re-read it several times. The words sank deep into my heart.  Reading these words has caused me to purpose again to use tender, loving, words in every moment - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I want to be a gentle wife and mother and do not ever want to be angry or unkind.  I have failed many, many, times but by God's grace I am getting better.  { I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13} I completely blow it some days, but because of Jesus I can face tomorrow.  I'm working toward being the wife and mother God has called me to be.  I'm very much enjoying reading Home Making by Rev. J.R. Miller and heartily recommend it. Originally published in 1882, here is the Home-Making INTRODUCTORY - 

     "This book is written in the hope that its pages may carry inspiration and a little help, perhaps, to those who desire to do faithful work for God within their own doors.  Its aim is to mark out the duties and responsibilities of each member of the household, and to suggest how each may do a part in making the home-life what God meant it to be".

**UPDATE**  Formerly published under the title Home Making, now titled The Family.  You can order HERE.  (Thanks Missy!)

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  1. We have the book by him The Family (not sure if maybe this is the same book with a new title or just something similar) We have enjoyed reading it so much but it's so hard to read because of the truth in it. Sometimes I am just too convicted to keep reading it. Love that the book has something for everyone in it.



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