Friday, October 19, 2012

A True Home

You know what a true home ought to be.  It ought to be a place where love rules.  It ought to be beautiful, bright, joyous, full of tenderness and affection; a place in which all are growing happier and better each day.  There should never be any discord, any wrangling, any angry words or bitter feelings.  The home-life should be a harmonious song without one jarring note, day after day.  The home, no matter how humble it is, how plain, how small, should be the dearest spot on the earth to each member of the family.  It should be made so happy a place and so full of love that no matter where one may wander in after years, in any of the ends of the earth, his home should still hold its invisible lines of influence about him, and should ever draw resistlessly upon his heart.  It ought to be the one spot in all the earth to which he would turn first in trouble or in danger.  It should be the refuge of his soul in every trial and grief.    Rev. J.R. Miller, D.D.


  1. This is so very good!!! We have had a Fun Friday Family night here. I can remember when I was my older kids ages the last place I wanted to be on a Friday night was home. I had to be out with friends or on dates. Our home is so different, I hope that my kids will always say their favorite place to be is home!!! Been reading our book again this week. I think everyone should have there own copy!!! Missy

  2. I was just rereading through this book. It is wonderful. What a difference it would make in our lost society if people would heed this.



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