Monday, July 9, 2012

More About Monday

Remember Garfield's saying from the 80's, "What's the big fat hairy deal"?  That is how I often think of Mondays...Big Fat Hairy Mondays.  Monday mornings I ask myself, "where do I start?".  
I have to clean up the house from the wild and woolly weekend.  I have to figure out a menu plan for the week, if I haven't already.  The kids have to be put back on schedule and we have to set some goals.  I've mentioned before I set monthly goals.  I also like to set weekly goals, and sometimes goals just for the day.  Goal setting keeps me on track.  

If you have a tad of trouble getting going on Mondays here are a few things I do to get the week rolling.

  1. Spend some time praying and talking to God.  Thank Him for his goodness and commit your work to Him.  This prayer time can take place in the shower if you are short on time.
  2. After you have showered, make up your bed and get the first load of laundry started.
  3. Wake the children and have them start on their Bible time and chores while you fix breakfast.  Monday breakfast should be something quick and easy.  Today I served oatmeal and yogurt.
  4. Give the kids lots of hugs and kisses.  Don't get so task oriented that you forget to love on them!
  5. Figure out what you are serving for dinner tonight.  If possible jot down a menu for the whole week.  Our dinner tonight will be a burrito bar, a super easy meal.  I mix taco seasoning into refried beans and heat them on the stove.  I make a "bar" with soft tortilla shells, chopped tomato, chopped onion, shredded cheese, sour cream and chips and salsa.  Everyone builds their own burrito.  Easy peasy!
  6. Get the children involved and clean up the house.  I'm not talking major cleaning here.  Make beds, wash the dishes, take out trash and put things where they belong (and keep working on the laundry!).
  7. Check the calendar.  Any appointments?  Get organized for the week ahead. Monday is our library day so I have all of the kids round up their books and reading logs and put them in a designated place.
  8. Make a list of calls you need to make or emails you need to send and plan to do that when the children are resting in the afternoon.  (When hopefully it is quiet!)
  9. Smile at the children, listen to praise music as you work, take time to play and read. 

"Your home life drastically shapes your children's lives.  When you make cookies, you aren't just fiddling around in the kitchen wasting time.  You are building people who grew up on those cookies- with that kind of warmth and experience in their lives".  Read the entire article here.  

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