Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Got Bread? Make Breadcrumbs!

I love to have a supply of breadcrumbs in my freezer.  Fresh homemade breadcrumbs are a delicious addition to recipes and are very simple to make.  Making your own breadcrumbs also saves money since the commercial brands tend to be expensive.  It seems we always have bread odds and ends -  a hot dog bun leftover from a cookout, a couple of biscuits that weren't eaten at breakfast, etc.  I gather all of these pieces and use them to make my own breadcrumbs.  Breadcrumbs are wonderful for meatloaf, and meatballs, and casseroles, and such.  When making breadcrumbs don't be afraid to combine several different kinds of breads.  The breadcrumbs are actually tastier if you use assorted breads.  If your leftover bread is not dry enough to go into the food processor bake at 300 degrees for 10 minutes or so.

Process the breadcrumbs in the food processor until you have course crumbs.  I like to add salt and pepper, garlic salt, thyme and oregano to make seasoned bread crumbs - great for breading chicken.


  1. Do your bread crumbs ever get soggy from being in the freezer? I have always kept them in a baggie in the cupboard; afraid that if I freeze them, they will not thaw well. I don't make big batches because of this, but if I could utilize the freezer, then I just might make a big batch, rather then several smaller batches.

  2. Hi Heather! I guess they could get soggy but they usually don't. The best way is like you said, to keep them in the pantry, but if I don't think I will need them for a while I freeze them.



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