Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Breakfast Dinner Party

Last night we had friends over for food and fellowship.  It was a super good time doing our favorite things...eating, talking, laughing, reading the Bible, and playing games.

For our menu, my husband and I decided to serve breakfast.  It ended up being a yummy idea.  I'd like to share our menu with you and a couple of pictures. It has become a problem for me that whenever we have friends over I forget to take the pictures I plan to take.  I get busy visiting and serving and neglect the camera.  (better than neglecting your guests, right?)

We served Cheesy O'Brien Egg Scramble and Sausage Casserole (recipes here).  We also had pancakes with maple syrup and donut holes.  Our dear friends brought strawberries and blueberries and my favorite pal T brought a most delicious cheese danish and a scrumptious coffee cake.  We put orange juice, apple juice, white milk, and chocolate milk in Mason jars with lids and piled them into a huge bin of ice.  We had straws for those.  Fresh brewed coffee rounded out the meal.

I decorated with a country theme.  I used Mason jars to hold straws and utensils and we drank from them as well.   I used plaid table cloths on all 3 tables that had a very primitive look.  Needing something for the middle of the table, and not wanting to buy something new, I decided to put together some candle holders to march down the center.  I used jelly jars and filled them with popcorn kernels and nestled a tea light in the top.  We also used Scrabble tiles to spell the name of each item we were serving. 

Our Breakfast Dinner party was a lot of fun.  All of the children and my honey helped with the preparations.  Olivia put the craft sticks in the donut holes and Eli helped with some cleaning.  Colin and Ethan took care of the lawn and helped with the shopping.  My honey helped with the cooking (taste testing) and helped with the cleaning - He's the best!  Ethan filled the huge bin with ice and piled 24 Mason jars on top.  Nic helped me get the laundry caught up and played with Clare while I did some work in the kitchen.  It was definitely a family effort, and worth every bit!

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