Wednesday, January 5, 2011


 Just got my new book in the mail today, Large Family Logistics The Art and Science of Managing the Large Family By Kim Brenneman.  I could not be more excited!  And, since we will soon be a family of 8, I figure this book should prove to be quite helpful.  I've been waiting all day to sink my teeth into it.  Now that school work is done, and the kitchen is cleaned, and my honey has all 5 kids out of the house, I am ready to sit down and READ.  I may be up all night!  Just couldn't help posting a little something before I dive in.  My heart is joyful reading the Table of Contents.

Chapter 1:  The Wise Woman
Chapter 2:  Goals
Chapter 3:  Systems
Chapter 4:  Self Discipline-It Starts with You
Chapter 5:  Attitude is Critical
Chapter 6:  Where Does the Time Go?
Chapter 7:  The Interrupted Day
Chapter 8:  The Psalms-Your Spiritual Multi-Vitamin
Chapter 9:  Give Your Children a Work Ethic
Chapter10: Repeating Yourself?
Chapter 11: Teaching a New Chore
Chapter 12:Rejecting Me-Centeredness, Redeeming Time Alone
Chapter 13: Life with Littles
Chapter 14: Baby Balance
Chapter 15: The Family Dynamic
Chapter 16: Your Own Personal Spa
Chapter 17: Dress for Success
Chapter 18: Your Home Management Book
Chapter 19: Laundry Day
Chapter 20: Kitchen Day
Chapter 21: Office Day
Chapter 22: Town Day
Chapter 23: Cleaning Day
Chapter 24: Deep Cleaning
Chapter 25: Gardening Day
Chapter 26: The Lord's Day
Chapter 27: Tea Party Day
Chapter 28: Morning and Evening Routines
Chapter 29: Meal Time Routines
Chapter 30: Table Time
Chapter 31: 15 Minutes of Phonics
Chapter 32: Quiet Time
Chapter 33: Read Aloud Time
Chapter 34: Afternoon Chore Time
Chapter 35: Bathroom Management
Chapter 36: Bedroom Management
Chapter 37: The Children's Hour
Chapter 38: Family Worship
Chapter 39: Home Crafts
Chapter 40: Homeschooling the Large Family
Chapter 41: Health and Wellness
Chapter 42: The Playroom
Chapter 43: Feast Night
Chapter 44: Meal Planning
Chapter 45: Project Day
Chapter 46: Pregnancy and Preparing for Baby
Chapter 47: The Buddy System
Appendix A:  Coping While Exhausted and Overwhelmed
Appendix B:  Moving Beyond Survival Mode

I love this quote on one of the first pages of the book, "Home is Where Each Lives for the Other and All Live For Christ."  I love that!  I want to hang that in my house.  I know soon I will be blogging away about all of the treasures I find in this book because I can already tell it is full of them!

Until next time..........I'll be reading!


  1. this sounds like a great book!!! =)

  2. Angie bought that book then got another one in the mail from a friend. She loves it too. It was great to visit with you all the other day. Hopefully we can do that more soon.



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