Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great Poem For Young Children

I want to share a poem I read to our younger children this morning during our Bible time.  We loved it and it opened up some great discussion.  I'm thinking of trying to read a poem each night to the children right before dinner for the entire month of January.  I'm going to start working on finding 31 great poems.  If you have young children you will enjoy reading this poem to them. 

What Shall We Children Bring?

The wise may bring their learning,
The rich may bring their gold;
And some may bring their greatness, 
And glories new and old; 
We too would bring our treasures
To offer to the King.
We have no wealth nor wisdom; 
What shall we children bring?

We'll bring Him hearts that love Him, 
We'll bring Him thankful praise,
And young souls meekly striving
To walk in holy ways.
And these shall be the treasures
We offer to the King,
And these are gifts that even
The poorest child may bring.

We'll bring the little duties,
We have to do each day,
We'll try our best to please Him
At home, at school, at play.
And better are these treasures
To offer to our King,
Than richest gifts without them,
Yet these a child may bring.

(Pathway Publishers,  BUILDING OUR LIVES)

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