Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We Are Home!! Let's Celebrate!!

     We just got back from vacation and it feels GOOD to be home!  

Now that we are back it's time to get down to business, the business of school and running our home that is.  When I look at the piles of dirty clothes we brought home from vacation, I am asking myself if I am doing laundry for a family of 7 or a family of 70!  And, to make things more interesting my cell phone broke while we were away.  Snapped right in half!  (the flip phone hinge had always been really weak, I should have known that would happen eventually)  I went to the Verizon store today and I will just say it was not easy getting a new one.  The phone was only 6 months old and should have been replaced no problem...don't you think?  I still don't have a phone but I should have one tomorrow, they say.  (If you are calling or texting me....sorry....I'm not getting your messages.) 

Anyway, coming home from a trip is always a lot of work.  We have to get everyone back in their routine, my honey has to go back to his job,  we have to catch up on Mount Washmore, go to the grocery store of course, and get back on our school schedule.  All of this cannot be accomplished at once, despite my best efforts, so we are getting it together a little bit at a time.  

Today I went to the grocery store (after my enjoyable (not) visit to the Verizon store) and I loaded up on groceries.  Isn't it a challenge to buy a week or 2 weeks worth of groceries AND make sure the meals are healthy AND keep within the budget?  I'm learning and doing all I can in this area and I will share what I find helpful here on this blog.  

Tonight's dinner is quick and easy, but yummy, and it's got my kiddos all fired up.  We are having nachos for dinner!  As I was thinking about how happy the kids are that I'm making this I realized I usually only make this for parties, and I only make it in the fall.  It got me thinking that I should share this recipe since it is wonderful for tailgating and fall gatherings and such.  Tonight at our house is "Duggar Night".  We watch very little TV and "19 Kids and Counting" is one of the few shows we watch.  We all look forward to Tuesday nights.  Tonight we will be having our nachos (and a veggie tray to balance things out) in the family room while watching TV.  It's a real treat for the kids to eat late, and in front of the TV, and to have party food!  

Why not do something out of the norm once in a while, and what better way to celebrate being home!

Yummy Nacho Dip

1 lb ground beef or sausage ( I use Jimmy Dean hot sausage.  We like it hot!)
1 can nacho cheese soup
1 can cheddar cheese soup
1 small can (15 0z) Rotel tomatoes ( I get the ones with green chilies)

Brown the sausage and drain.  Put all ingredients in crock pot and stir.  Serve with tortilla chips. 
See?  I told you it was easy!

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  1. This is yummy and I like the consistency much better. Plus, it's less expensive than the processed cheese kind. Thank you for sharing.



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