Monday, September 6, 2010

Praying the Bible For Your Children - David & Heather Kopp

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

When I feel tense and short-tempered, help me to take a deep breath and remember that love is patient     (v. 4).

When I am wrapped up in my own to-do lists, remind me to take time to pay attention and be kind to my children (v. 4).

When I am tempted to compare my kids with other people's kids, help me to remember that genuine love doesn't express itself through envying - or boasting, either (v. 4).

When I discipline or reprimand my kids, help me to check my tone of voice and expression, remembering that love is not rude (v. 5).

When my kids argue, beg, or whine, remind me that love is always slow to anger (v. 5).

When I'm at my wit's end and tempted to give my kids a quick rundown of all the things they've done wrong in the past few days to bring me to this point, remind me that love doesn't keep a record of wrongs (v. 5).

When I feel twinges of smugness about another parent's failures, remind me that love doesn't rejoice over bad news but when good happens (v. 6).

When I'm ready to take a foolish risk with my children's safety because I'm too distracted or too tired to insist on precautions, remind me that love always protects (v. 7).

When I'm reluctant to let my child take on challenges he seems ready for, remind me to trust You and what You're doing in my child (v. 7).

When I'm discouraged about my child's progress in a certain area, remind me that love always hopes, even in the face of setbacks (v. 7). 

When I'm tired and feeling like I just can't parent well, remind me that love never gives up (v. 7).

How I thank You, Lord, for the power of love in action.  Thank You that if I parent with love and by the power of Your Spirit, I cannot fail (v. 8).

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  1. Hey Stephanie!! I LOVE your blog!! It ALMOST (well not really) makes me feel like we are in your "cozy", fabulously decorated living room, sipping coffee, and being encouraged by christian friends. I sure miss those nights! I'm so glad you are using your spiritual gift Stephanie! You are a blessing. I will stop by often!! Angie



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