Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Today is already a roller coaster of emotions kind of day.  Early Monday morning we received word from home that a man we've known for many, many years was killed in a plane crash on Sunday.  We attended church with he and his family for a long time.  He was my husband's dentist for many years.  Our hearts are heavy today as we think about his wife, and children, and grandchildren.  He was only 58 years old.   

We never really know what tomorrow holds.  We must not take one single day for granted.  Hug your babies tight and hold them close.  Tell your husband each day how much you love him.  Forgive quickly.  Purpose to enjoy each and every day you have with your family.  This harsh reminder of the brevity of life has caused me to want to do just that.  

We had to say goodbye to a family pet yesterday.  That was hard.  We have had our Maggie for almost 15 years.  The kids handled it pretty well, and for that I am thankful.  It is true, pets become members of our family and it is difficult to let them go.

My honey had a check-up appointment yesterday with good results.  I am very thankful for this news!  We finally made it to the library yesterday also and I'm happy to report the kids are now signed up for the summer reading program.  That was really bugging me.  I always take the kids to sign up at the very beginning of the season.  This year it took until the 8th of July to make it in.  (To say that things are different this year would be an understatement!)  Nic is doing well and improving every day.  There are still things we have to work through, and there probably will be for a while, but to see him improving brings my heart so much happiness.  

For the rest of today's post I have a few pictures to share.  I hope that's okay with you.

Back in March my honey and I celebrated our 20th anniversary.  We had a lot of fun taking these.  (If you live in the Chattanooga area, I will be happy to give you the name and number of the gal who photographed us.  She's wonderful and she's my neighbor.)


God has been incredibly good to us.  I'm so thankful for His grace! 

We had an awesome time celebrating the 4th over the weekend.  In perfect Chattanooga style we celebrated on the 3rd and 4th.  That's just how they do it around here.  :)

Here's what we did on the 3rd...

And here's our 4th...

I'm so thankful to God for friends and fun!

Are you, like me, having a hard time believing the first week of July is already gone??  I can't believe how time is flying!

I'm working on putting our Summer Fun To Do List on here today.  Check back tomorrow for that and leave me your best ideas for summer fun (before summer gets away from us)!

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