Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yesterday we celebrated another birthday...

Birthdays are starting to get to this mama.  Our kiddos are wrapping up their childhoods and I can barely stand it.

Ethan just turned 17.  It doesn't seem like it's been very long since we were celebrating his 16th birthday.

This year we let him plan his own day, including his party.  He chose an eclectic mix of things which is just like him.  I loved it!

He loves that neon green color.  These were the colors he chose for his party.

He decided to pick out a cup for each of his party guests (his siblings).  The cups had special meaning between him and the recipient.  The kids thought this was great.

There was this one weird uninvited guest who crashed the party.

Even though I might like to do a more elaborate menu for a birthday dinner this was Ethan's choice.  He chose hot dogs on the grill and cheesy potatoes.  He requested yellow cake with chocolate icing.  I offered a plethora of other choices but he insisted this was his preference.  My honey said I should be glad he made it simple for me, and I was.  Eli helped make the birthday cake.

After presents Daddy read a special passage he had picked out just for Ethan.  Then we each took a turn praying for him.

It was a really good day.
We love you, Ethan!!

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