Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas is Coming. The Goose is Getting Fat.

 We've been quite busy with our Christmas decorating.  I'm a lover of all things primitive and I enjoy scattering some primitive Christmas around the house.  Today I brought along some pictures.


I've been collecting snowmen for many years.  This year I decided to make our dining room the home for my snowmen.  Yes, I have a snowman baby Jesus.  Say what you will, but I love him!

These sweet WISH blocks were handmade for me by a dear friend. She brought them to me while I was sick and boy did she cheer me up!  I just love them!

 We've decorated 4 trees.  Our big tree is in the family room and on it you will find ornaments from 1993 to the present.  Every sweet little scribble my kids have drawn hangs here.  I have all their first Christmas ornaments as well as the 1st ornament my honey and I hung on the branches many years ago.  Our collection grows each year as the children craft and create and as I find special ornaments for each year.  Every ornament on this tree tells a story.  

 We decorated a medium size tree in the dining room.  We have lots of snowflakes and snowmen on it.  I didn't think I was a fan of  "theme" trees but I found out I am.  We had fun making and buying white ornaments for this tree.  We call it our snow tree.

A small tree sits in our kitchen.  The children made ornaments to put on it.  (One of my sons always thinks outside the box.  He wouldn't settle for any ordinary gingerbread man.  The gingerbread man he made has underwear.) 
I enjoy having a Christmas tree nearby at every meal.  The house feels so cozy.

Our last tree hosts all things girlie.  The girls did the decorating as it is in their room.  It is pink and purple, just like them.  We tried out some deco mesh this year and oh. my. how I love it!  These ornaments all belong to the girls and represent them well.  Olivia has lots of cupcakes and kitchen stuff and Clare has an ornament from our trip to Disney this year, and a train - because she LOVES her Daddy, and he loves trains.

I like to add a little splash of Christmas in every room, bathrooms included.   I have some winter decor that can be left up after the Christmas season is over and most importantly I want something in every room that reminds us of the reason we are celebrating - Jesus!

My oldest boys have a Nutcracker collection in their room.  They've been adding to their collection for several years and I just love that they love Nutcrackers.  They found the perfect spot in their room to display their collection.

The younger boys decided to put some lights up in their room.  :)

Last but not least, here's our kitchen.  This room truly is the heart of our home.  This is where we are baking Christmas cookies, sharing happy times, and making memories.

The back door

Our Advent Wreath

Near the front door

Thank you for taking a tour of our home.

                           Merry Christmas!

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