Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hello, Blog Friends!

It's been a while!

My gals and I took a little weekend trip and left our men home alone for a manhood palooza.  We left our house in Tennessee on Thursday and by the time the weekend ended we had traveled eight hours away.  We returned home Monday night happily exhausted.  It was a fabulous weekend which included all our favorite stops and favorite people.  Visits with grandparents, cousins, best friends, and a favorite aunt and uncle made for the perfect road trip.  Throw in delicious food, lots of talking, laughing, and shopping, and you have a dream getaway for girls.  I have to say though, I missed my honey and my boys terribly and it feels really wonderful now to have all the birds back in the nest.

Whenever I take any kind of blogging break I always come back with so much I want to share.  I have loads to pass along...a new recipe, a rag wreath, some fall decorating, what I learned in September, and some updates on past posts.

Drop by again soon.  I will have those posts up in a jiffy!  :)


  1. What a fun weekend!!!! As always, I enjoy the long talks and laughs we have. Could not have been better. I love the time I get to spend with those two precious girls. They are so sweet. I have to agree with Amanda now. The pictures of Clare above look like Ethan when he was a baby. Now, if she gets his personality. Look out!!! I miss you already and can't wait til the next time we get together. Tell the boys I missed them this trip but will see them next time.

    Love you,

    1. We had a wonderful time too!! I'm still smiling! :)
      I love being with you guys. Your whole family is precious! Jeff said we will come back up soon and I hope to work in seeing the boys play basketball. I'm missing you and love you bunches!!
      Looking forward to next time...



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