Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good Morning!

I'm daring to pop in here for only a few minutes.  Our house is a busy little hub of activity right now.  One has left for the day, some are eating, some are getting ready and I've grabbed the lap-top to steal a few minutes and chat about something that's on my heart.


Have you lost your perspective?

From time to time I lose mine.  I've been thinking about perspective over the last few days.  I want to encourage you if you have lost yours.

Trials.  Are you facing a trial in your life?  Are you overwhelmed?  Headed into an emotional tailspin?  No matter what you are facing God can use it for good in your life.  God is close to the brokenhearted.  You are not alone!  Pray to Him and He will answer you.  Nothing brings things into proper perspective faster than what I call "face to the floor praying".  The kind of praying where literally you are unable to stand.  When you are broken before God you have right perspective and He is able to work in you.  Hang on, sister.  Don't give up!

To-do Lists.  Here's one that will throw off my perspective with ease.  One glance at my to-do list and I'm a wad of stress.  "How can I possibly do everything I have to do today"?  Keep things in proper order.  Your responsibility is to God first, husband second, then your children.  Lay aside people pleasing.  Prioritize and give up perfectionism.  You can't do it all perfectly.  Life is not perfect.  You are not perfect.  Decide what's really important - clean windows or your children's hearts?  I'm not saying you can't have both.  You just might not be able to work on both at the same time.  The windows will always be there.  Your children will grow up.  Think about it.  Perspective.

Children.  Children are a gift from God and don't forget that!  Are your children getting in the way of your work?  If so, your perspective is skewed!  Your children are your work.  What a blessing and a privilege to be the mother of children.  An anonymous commenter wrote to me several times saying that we have too many children.  This person does not have right perspective!  Know that your children are a special blessing loaned to you to nurture and teach and shape their hearts to love the Lord Jesus.  Be a joyful mother.  Changing diapers, staying up all night holding a sick child, and training wrong behaviors may sometimes leave you worn out and exhausted but there is no work in the world more important than what you are doing.  Each time you read books and play games with your children, bake cookies with them, and yes, change those yucky diapers with love, you are making deposits into their lives.  Those deposits will add up over time and one day you will reap what you sow.  Hang in there on those long and tough days.  Love your children with all you've got.  Ask God for the help you need.

Mistakes.  We've all made them.  Stop beating yourself up!  I've written this before, there is no way to be a perfect mom but there are a million ways to be a good one!  When you mess up, ask for forgiveness.  Ask God to help your heart and make changes where necessary.  Perhaps you need more rest, or perhaps you just need a little break with some peace and quiet.  It is not selfish to take good care of yourself, in fact your family needs you to do so.  You know the saying, "there's no use crying over spilled milk".  It's true.  It is spilled.  Wipe it up.  Clean it up.  Start over.  Do your best and be your best.  Mistakes will be made.  A mother who loves her children will not hesitate to ask for forgiveness.  Don't let pride get in the way!  Don't dwell on your mistakes but do learn from them.  The sooner you learn the hard lessons the better off you are going to be.  Keeping your mistakes in proper perspective is essential to good mothering.  If you dwell on them, you will be bogged down with guilt.  If you blow them off, you will repeat them.  Perspective.  Treat mistakes as the teachers they are.

I have more thoughts to share on the subject of perspective but my family needs me.  I guess this will be a two-part post.  Thanks for reading today.  I hope you will stop back by soon.

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