Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More Recommended Reading

This week I am recommending one of my all time favorite books on parenting.  This is not only my favorite, but my husband's as well.  We have each read this book several times and I've decided today to begin rereading it.

Keeping our Children's Hearts by Steven and Teri Maxwell

Steve and Teri are the parents of eight children, most of them adults now.  We have met their entire family and have been blessed on several occasions to hear them speak.  They are a family that loves the Lord Jesus wholeheartedly.  In this book, Steve and Teri offer direction and encouragement on keeping hearts since every other parenting issue really relates back to that.  I cannot adequately describe to you how well written and helpful this book is.  Even when we are not reading through it, we are often using it as a reference.  There is so much goodness packed into this book - sheltering, goals, appetites, influences, encouraging children toward purpose in life, discipleship, and more.  Keeping our Children's Hearts is written for parents of young children to teens.  The Bible is my first and most favorite book on parenting and this one is my second!

(You can find Keeping our Children's Hearts HERE.)

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