Friday, April 26, 2013

A Perfect Mother

A perfect mother always serves a healthy low fat meal made up of organic foods.
A good mother, on occasion, picks up fast food but makes sure to order the apples instead of fries.

A perfect mother speaks in a pleasant and sweet voice every time she opens her mouth.
A good mother will talk to her children through her teeth at least once.

A perfect mother makes no mistakes.
A good mother learns from her mistakes.

A perfect mother has plenty of money in her purse, and in her bank account.
A good mother uses financial tight spots to teach her children about frugality.

A perfect mother keeps an immaculate home which includes floors you can eat off of.
A good mother keeps her home tidy and organized, most of the time.

A perfect mother looks amazing any time of day.
A good mother has been known to wear sweat pants as she sits in the floor to work puzzles with the kids.

A perfect mother bakes from scratch.
A good mother will buy a cake mix or slice-n-bake cookies once in a while.

A perfect mother keeps the laundry under control and does not allow clothes to pile up in baskets.
A good mother makes sure all the important things (underwear and soccer uniforms) are clean.

A perfect mother does nothing to embarrass her children, ever.
A good mother will embarrass her children.

A perfect mother greets each morning with a smile and needs no assistance in maintaining her chipper attitude.
A good mother admits her dependence on coffee and is thankful it's not worse.

A perfect mother never allows her children out of the house in wrinkled clothing.
A good mother's children go out wrinkled, but never without a kiss and a hug.

A perfect mother knows the right thing to do in difficult situations.
A good mother spends time praying over difficult situations.

A perfect mother does not take naps.
A good mother takes a nap when needed for her family's protection.

A perfect mother has the answer to every question.
A good mother looks up information for questions she can't answer.

A perfect mother considers being early - on time, on time - late, and late -  unacceptable.
A good mother is happy to arrive at her destination with all of her children present and accounted for.

A perfect mother always says and does the right thing.
A good mother messes up and completely blows it at times.

A perfect mother puts her children to bed on time every single night.
A good mother lets her children stay up too late occasionally.

A perfect mother is always smiling, always happy, never flustered, never angry.
A good mother pulls herself back together after she looses it.

A perfect mother gets up very early to shower and dress before waking her children.
A good mother showers quickly while children incessantly knock on the door asking questions, but she remains patient and kind.

A perfect mother will not allow her children to get involved in too many extra-curricular activities.
A good mother has the courage to pull her children out of a situation that is less than best.

A perfect mother never raises her voice to scream and yell at her children.
A good mother, after yelling, goes to her children and apologizes and tries not to do it again.

A perfect mother teaches her children everything they will ever need to know.
A good mother teaches her children to the best of her ability, and trusts.

A perfect mother is perfect.
A good mother rests in God's grace.

There is no way to be a perfect mom, but there are a thousand ways to be a good one!

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  1. I love this! You are a good writer. More importantly, you are a good mother. You are a good mother to SIX wonderful, kind, fun, amazing kids. I am so glad I know your heart and that I have the 4 awesome nephews and 2 sweet nieces God has provided. It is so cool to see what GOD is doing in and through each of them. He started out by giving them you and Jeff! Hallelujer:)



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