Monday, March 4, 2013

Clean Before Spring 4x4 - Week Two

We are already on week two of the Clean Before Spring 4x4.  How are things going at your house?  Spring is almost here!  (Don't forget this coming Sunday we will be "springing" our clocks forward!)

This week we are in Area 2 and will be tackling the bedrooms.

At our house there are four bedrooms.  There's the master bedroom, the big boys' room, the little boys' room, and the girls' room.  (I just might post some pictures later.)  Since I will be cleaning four rooms, I am planning to do one each day for four days.  At the end of the four days I will have completed my spring cleaning in the bedrooms.  Woo-hoo!

Here is the detailed cleaning list for the bedrooms.

Dust furniture 
Clean off the desk
Clean cobwebs
Wash bedding including bed skirt and mattress pad
Flip mattress
Empty trash
Wash windows
Clean the blinds  
Straighten drawers
Clean under the bed
Straighten the closet
Clean the carpet  

The master bedroom should be a place of peace and rest.  It should be your own special retreat from the world.  Clutter in this room can weigh your mind down and affect the quality of your rest.  This week aim to get your bedroom clean and clutter free.  Maybe you will even want to reward your hard work by buying something special for your bedroom when you are finished cleaning it.  Perhaps a new bedspread and curtains, or something on a smaller scale like fresh flowers or a candle.  Treat yourself to something new to reignite your love for your master bedroom.  My master bedroom is big and has two very large closets.  This tends to make it an easy target for anything we're not sure what to do with.  We also fold all of our laundry in that room.  I would like to change my bedroom back to the lovely space it should be.  Do you want to make your bedroom a place of peace and rest?  Join me!  I will be sharing some super neat bedroom organizing tips this week.  Stay tuned!

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