Saturday, February 2, 2013

The LOVE Month is Here!

How are you planning to show love to your family?

Here are some ideas to get you started...
  • Write a love note to your husband.  Hide it somewhere for him to find.
  • Make Valentine crafts with the kids.
  • Make a Valentine box to keep in the kitchen and encourage everyone to put notes inside.
  • Bake cookies with the kids.  Eat some and take some to a neighbor.
  • Make a list for each child telling them all the things you love about them.
  • Wives - wear something pretty to sleep in.
  • Have the children help you decorate for Valentine's Day.  
  • Visit a nursing home and hand out cards as a family.
  • Make a special Valentine dessert.
  • Give your kiddos a special treat bag on Valentine's Day.
  • Make a Valentine Dinner.  Eat by candlelight.  
  • Read Valentine's Day books to the kids.
  • Memorize Bible verses about love.
  • Drink hot cocoa with heart shaped marshmallows.
  • Have the children write letters to grandparents.
  • Make a Valentine banner to hang on the mantle.
  • Cook an "all red" meal on Valentine's Day.  Think Italian foods, Kool aid, red velvet, etc.
  • Challenge the family to find ways to show each other extra love all month.
  • Help the kids make pretty flowers to put on the table.
  • Hang something special on the front door.  I'm going to turn THIS wreath into a Valentine wreath.

  • Have the children make card holders to hold their Valentines.
  • Serve heart-shaped strawberry muffins for breakfast.  Put a note beside each plate.

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