Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Clean Before Spring #6

It has been a bit of a battle to get here this morning.  I had to fight my way through one mini disaster after another.  The most recent disaster being a toddler's fall and bloody lip.  Isn't it impressive how much the mouth will bleed?  That puts quite the scare into some of the younger children!  Everything is okay now, and will remain okay for the next few minutes, I hope.  One little gal with a really fat lip is enjoying all the attention her fall has gained her.

The assignment for today was going to be a bigger one until I realized that today is Wednesday and not only is that a pretty busy day at our house, it very well might be one of your busier days too!  Our little kids have AWANA tonight, our older kids have to work this afternoon, and I'm taking the hubs to work (one hour round trip) and Wednesday is my Publix coupon day.  So...I decided to scale down a tad and do a quick and easy job.  Here it is, use some Windex today.  How do you like that?  I'm going to clean both sides of my back door and if you have a glass door you should join me.  If you don't have a glass door, squirt that magical blue stuff somewhere.  Our back door, leading to the deck, is always covered in puppy nose prints, baby hand prints, and other unidentified gunk.  I'm going to spray it down and clean it up using Windex and paper towels.  (By the way any glass cleaner is fine I just prefer Windex because I get it cheap with coupons.)  I'm not suggesting that doing this job once will last all year but it certainly will brighten things up and make the room seem cleaner and clearer!  Plus, my kiddos are wanting to put up their Valentine decals and the back door is the chosen spot.

How is your cleaning before spring going?  This morning I was looking at my (very dirty) windows and formulating a plan...

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