Friday, February 22, 2013

Clean Before Spring #14

You thought I had forgotten, didn't you?  Well, I didn't.  I took a purposeful (needed) break from my laptop and TV for two days.  It has been pretty amazing to see what I have been able to accomplish over the last couple of days, not the least of which was more Bible study and prayer time.  I have to say it was quite an eye opener.  I now know what my life looks like without TV or computer.  I went to bed earlier, got up earlier, got more laundry done, did a lot of little projects that had been hanging around on my to-do list, read more to the kids, played more with the kids, baked some bread and more.  I may need to take these TV/computer breaks pretty often.

The cleaning assignment for today is to take everything off the kitchen counters and clean them.  Do one section of counter at a time.  Remove your coffee maker, blender, canisters, or whatever happens to be sitting there and wipe your counters clean with hot water and soap.  Once a section is dry, clean the items, put them back where they belong and start on the next section.  Is there anything you can eliminate?  Is there something you can put away in a cabinet?  Is there an item you don't need that you could donate?  Your kitchen will be neater and cleaner with less on the counter tops.  Do you have a pile of "stuff" on your kitchen counter?  Are there school papers and mail strewn about?  How about finding a basket for the papers you need to keep and trash the stuff you don't need.  A pretty basket will disguise that growing pile.

It's only a month until spring!  Starting Monday we will be kicking it into high gear as we focus on the 4 main areas of the home.  Four areas in four weeks...this is going to be fun.  I promise!  And just think, our homes will be clean before spring!!!

Have a happy weekend and enjoy your family!

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