Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Thankful Thursday

It would be impossible to list everything I am thankful for even if I started now and kept typing for days.  God is so good to me and His love is so big.  

I have started a list and I add to it each Thursday.  Join me in making your own Thankful Thursday List!

  • For the clothes my precious friend brought me.
  • For my husband and his leadership of our family.
  • Thank you Lord for Clare's progress and for her therapist.
  • Thank you for the phone call that came at just the right time.
  • For the Kohl's card from grandparents.
  • For the warm weather and sunshine.
  • For the gas in the van as we go, go, go.
  • Thank you for the clarity we've been given on a big decision.
  • Thank you for my 6 sweet babes.
  • Thank you for friends, new ones and old ones.
  • Thank you for loving me first!
  • For the lessons you are teaching me.
  • The message that touched my heart.
  • Thank you for TRUTH.
  • Thank you for forgiveness.
  • Thank you God for the grace you give that enables me to forgive.
  • For my birthday tea party and those sweet friends who blessed me so.
  • For birthday presents.
  • For what you teach me when I mess up.
  • For today!

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