Thursday, September 27, 2012

What a Hoot!

Have you noticed how popular owls are right now?  Every where I go I see cute owls on backpacks, wall hangings, and pillows, adorable owl Christmas tree ornaments, lunch boxes and sleeping bags.  Where we live, the local high school mascot is even an owl, the Ooltewah Owls! 

It seems one of my little gals has hopped on the owl bandwagon.  She just so happens to adore our neighbors, who collect owls and one of their daughters is an Owl cheerleader.  Every time we see something with an owl on it my sweet Olivia thinks we should buy it for them.  

During craft time yesterday we made a couple of owls, which Olivia does quite often, but these were a little different.  They are made out of empty toilet-paper rolls!  (I believe she read about this craft in an American Girl magazine.)

These are really cute and easy to make.  All you need is an empty toilet paper roll.  (I always save empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  They are nice to have on hand in the craft closet.)  On one end of the toilet paper roll, press the sides together until they meet, forming two points.  Use a pencil to sketch an owl.  Go over the pencil lines with a thin black marker, and then color. 

Owl Pals!  Aren't they a hoot?!

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  1. My daughter's name is Olivia too (but she's a teenage Olivia!). When she was young she had a favorite book called "Olivia Owl.". Olivias are awesome (and the owls are cute too!)



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