Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Birthday

It happened again.  Another one of our children turned a year older.  They do grow up so fast!

Our Nicholas turned 14.  He chose to celebrate by having a game night with friends.
Here's what we did.

We started with a color scheme.  Nic wanted green and blue.  I asked him for a food wish list and I set up a dessert/candy/snack bar based on that.

I used a birthday plate (I found at Goodwill) to help with decorating the table.  It matched the color scheme perfectly and it has Psalm 115:15 written on it..."May you be blessed by the Lord".  We also sprinkled the table with confetti.

Nic asked for cupcakes,(with and without icing), Goldfish crackers, Oreos, carrots and dip, bubble-gum, Skittles and licorice.  Olivia and Colin made the cupcakes and Colin also baked some chocolate chip cookies.

We used glass jars and a cake stand for the miniature candy buffet.

We also served Nachos,(in my large crock-pot) and pizza, and drinks.  We had several types of soda, bottled waters in a large bin with ice, and sweet & unsweetened tea.

The kids had a lot of fun playing games.  We had indoor and outdoor games planned but not long after our guests arrived a huge storm blew in. 

We always try to make birthdays a lot of fun.  At our house we are always looking for a reason to celebrate.  
Next up we'll be planning Ethan's sweet 16!

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