Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just to make sure my "challenge" is challenging enough,(see this post), our water is turned off!  Just keep smiling, just keep smiling.  Is is possible to be pleasant without a shower?  I'm not sure.  Add to that the toilets won't flush and there are 8 people living here, well, only 7 toilet users, but you know what I mean.  I AM making the choice to be pleasant remember?  I had a moment of total panic this morning when I went to the sink to brush my teeth and no water would come out.  DID I PAY THE WATER BILL???  Yes, I did in fact pay the bill.  A main water line in our area is broken (hubby called the water company).  It will be hours and hours until it is fixed.  UGH!  Just keep smiling, just keep smiling.  We are attempting to do school work and the laundry is on hold.  I'm not looking my best without my morning routine of a shower and such so I am praying no one drops by for a visit today.  The boys have a friend coming over this afternoon to ride with them to soccer practice so I'm just hoping the water is back on at least 30 minutes before he gets here.  I wouldn't want his mama to think this mama chooses to look like this, or worse, that this is what 6 kids can do to you.  And if these boys don't get a shower before soccer practice they will definitely need one after.  I better pray!

Oh....and did I mention I went to bed at 4 a.m. and got back up at 7 a.m.?  I'm living on coffee and Jesus!  Just trying to remember......a cheerful attitude goes a long way in a less than ideal situation!!


  1. Thanks Jennifer! I'm so glad we have become blogger friends!! The water came back on right before 4p.m. I had lots of opportunities to practice being pleasant today and I can say the Lord is teaching me how to CHOOSE to do that. I'm excited to be commiting this struggle in my life to Him!



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