Thursday, March 17, 2011


For our family, celebrating St. Patrick's Day isn't about leprechauns, or pots of gold, or the luck of the Irish.   We take a little time to remember a man who went and preached the gospel while we have some green fun! 

St. Patrick wasn't actually Irish.  Did you know this?  We didn't know until several years ago when I decided to do some research with the kids at the library.  St. Patrick was actually English.  When he was a teenager he was kidnapped by pirates and brought to Ireland as a slave.  Later he escaped and fled back to his homeland and then returned to Ireland years later as a Christian missionary.  Many people were converted and baptized. 

This morning we took just a moment to read about St. Patrick before eating our green breakfast.  A friend suggested this idea to me a couple of years ago and we've now made it our tradition as well.  The kiddos love it!


  1. whew...that is alot of green food coloring! haha the cinnamon rolls look yummy!

  2. Love the look on Ethan's face!



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