Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cleaning Inspiration

Happy Saturday!

What's on your agenda for this holiday weekend?  

I'm looking for a fun little mix of work and play.  As in, today I will work and hopefully Monday we will play.  I've got a list of projects a mile long.  Most of my family members are going in different directions today.  It won't do me any good to write out honey-do lists as not many of my honeys are going to be around. It's a busy season of life where I am.  I bet it is where you live too.  

I heard someone talking just yesterday about how hard it is to keep everyone's schedule straight.  When school starts so do a lot of other, music lessons, AWANA, etc.  Kids take gymnastics, participate in clubs, and so much more.  The mom I heard talking said her children had even missed a few things because she was having trouble keeping everyone and everything on track.  Her comments got me thinking and I've started working on a post with tips to help schedule your family.  I will try to have that up in a couple of days.  

There is not enough coffee in all the world to help me today.  I slept a whopping four hours last night.  Which brings me to my next question - How's the Bedtime Challenge going for you?  I'm not sure if anyone (other than me) is working on it.  I dropped the whole thing when my honey was in the hospital and I left you hanging.  I'm sorry about that but I suppose you understand.  My blog took a backseat when my honey's life was in peril.  If you are still interested, I'd like to know how you are making progress in getting to bed earlier.  I'm not, (so far), but hope to in the coming days.  I do have a really neat prize to give away if anyone wants to pick back up on the Bedtime Challenge.  Your comments serve as entries into the drawing.  

As for me not sleeping last night, that comes from a long list of the "cons" of my life.  I'm speaking of pros and cons.  Let me show you what I mean - 

PRO:  I made it to church on time Wednesday night.  Not just on time, early!  I got to see a friend who just had a new baby (she's precious!).
CON:  Seconds after my friend walked in with her new baby our youngest threw up in the floor.  Vomit literally landed next to the baby carrier that had just been put down.  We went home.

PRO:  Our sweet Pastor gave one of our sons a set of golf clubs.
CON:  Said son promptly busted out an entire window of our neighbor's house with a golf ball.

PRO:  We've been blessed with six precious children.
CON:  Raising six children is very hard work.

PRO:  Of our six children, four are male.  All of those males are adolescent age.
CON:  Adolescence is tough! (x 4) 

PRO:  We have indoor plumbing.
CON:  Cleaning boy bathrooms is about to kill me.

PRO:  We are not naked.
CON:  Doing the laundry for eight people is keeping me up half the night.  

There.  You get the idea now.  :)

My to-do list is calling me, the children are too.  A lot.  I will leave you with a little link for cleaning inspiration.  I liked it and thought you might also.  It inspired me - for a few minutes.  (Perhaps it will not wear off so quickly on you.)

May your weekend be cozy and blessed!

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  1. I feel the same way every time I clean my boys bathroom! Boys can be so messy! Sorry for all your cons my friend! Glad for all the pros though!



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