Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Hardest Thing You Have to Do Today

What's the hardest thing you have to do today?  Is it mop your sticky floors or clean the toilets?  Do you have a million errands to run or a stack of papers to grade?  Perhaps you have to climb Mount Washmore and spend all day as a laundry goddess.  

Somehow I doubt the things I've mentioned are your hardest tasks for the day.  I'm willing to bet the hardest thing you have to do today has more to do with your heart.  

Despite the condition of your house the more important thing is the condition of your heart - your mama heart.  So, let's talk for a minute.  Maybe the hardest thing you have to do today is to be patient and kind to your children.  Or maybe it's to forgive someone who has really hurt you.  Perhaps the hardest thing in front of you is just doing anything at all.  (That buried overwhelmed feeling can take down even the most determined mama.)  

When your heart's not right, nothing else will be, no matter how hard you try.

You can actually be joyful in the middle of a mess when your heart is right.  You can smile at your super long to-do list when your heart's in good shape.  That child trying your patience?  You can handle him when your heart is healthy. 

But if it's not...

How impossible it is to be loving and kind and patient with your children when your heart is out of whack.  How miserable are we when we set our minds to cleaning up the disaster we once called "kitchen" while we're hurting and sad.  Have you ever tried to do your household chores when you are carrying around a rock for a heart?  I'm speaking from experience when I say, it just won't work.  When things are askew in your heart you can't be sweet to the kids, or loving to your husband.  You won't be able to extend warm hospitality, or at best you will be faking it.  You *might* end up yelling at your babies or snapping at your husband or crying.  You might.

So, what to do then if your heart needs a transplant?  I know a really good heart doctor - the Lord Jesus!  He can heal your hurting heart.  He can fill up that big hole in the center of your heart.  His sweet grace can ease the pain of that gaping wound. Pray to Him and ask Him to help your heart and you will be astonished at what He will do.  

I don't know the specifics of your situation.  I do know that marriage issues are hard and financial issues are hard and raising children is hard.  I know how things from your past can cause intense pain and disruption to your present.  I know how a family member or a friend can stab right through your heart.  Pain has a way of creeping up on mamas while they are busy trying to do their job.  If you are having trouble doing your work, check your heart.  Training your children, cleaning your house, meeting your husband's needs with a hurting heart really does give that cart before the horse feeling.  

Luke 6:45  (Jesus speaking) The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.

I could suggest some tips today for getting your home organized.  I could write an entire post on cleaning.  We could talk rearranging furniture, summer wreaths for the front door, and a whole lot of other stuff.  But for today, I just want to examine my heart and encourage you to take a look at yours.  If the mouth speaks from that which fills the heart then I want to know what is filling my heart.  Pain?  Hate?  Anger?  Fear?  Sadness?  What then will I be speaking to my family?  Or is my heart filled with joy, gratitude, peace, faith and love?  Only the Lord Jesus can empty your heart of the things that weigh you down and fill it up with His grace.

My advice on the hardest thing(s) you have to do today?  Pray to Him.  He will answer you.  Read His word.  He will speak to you.  Trust Him.  He will take care of you. 


  1. Thank you for this . . . so much.

  2. So much encouragement here, thank you!!! I found myself in a state of tears tonight with no real reason, just life!!! My focus has been on unimportant things and on others that I can't change and they don't even want to change.Taking my eyes off my job as wife, Mama and home manager has happened. Without realizing it I have slowly lost my focus because of stress and trials. All this has caused a hardship on our family. You spoke plainly and exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you so very much!! Blessings, Missy



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