Saturday, May 10, 2014

Motherhood is...

Motherhood is beautiful, hard, lovely, exhausting, interesting, challenging, rewarding, humbling, sweet, scary, stretching, exciting, and tiring.  It's awesome, memorable, intense, forever, and life changing.  It's tears, laughs, smiles, fears, questions, trials, and blessings.  It's flowers, band-aids, jelly beans, and crayons.  It's diapers, bottles, late nights, early mornings, long talks, forgiveness, and grace.  It's reading, playing, singing and going for walks.  Motherhood is listening, feeding, training, teaching, helping, supporting, waiting, leading, hoping and dreaming.  It's sunshine, rain, and even storms.  It's hugs, kisses, messes, and do-overs.  It's ball games, music recitals, art shows, appointments, and try-outs.  It's busy, happy, sad, thrilling, heart wrenching, and mind blowing.  It's holding on and letting go.  It's worrying, trusting, praying, knowing, questioning, and believing.  It's spit-up, blow-outs, and tantrums.  It's snuggling, hand holding, encouraging, and pretending.  It's bubbles and balloons and birthday parties.  It's sick days and doctor visits, traditions, surprises, special places and favorite days.   It's the best thing ever and quite a lot more!  

Happy Mother's Day!

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