Monday, November 12, 2012

Me and Jesus

I am a liar.  HE IS TRUTH.  I am flawed.  HE IS PERFECT.  I am lost.  HE SAVES.  I am unworthy.  HE IS WORTHY!  I am broken.  HE HEALS.  I am hungry.  HE IS THE BREAD OF LIFE.  I am a sinner.  HE IS SINLESS.  I am unholy.  HE IS RIGHTEOUS.  I am sentenced to death.  HE IS ALIVE AND WELL.  I am selfish.  HE IS SELFLESS.  I am confused.  HE IS MY COUNSELOR.  I am hurt.  HE IS LOVE.  I struggle.  HE IS PEACE.  I am tired.  HE GIVES REST.  I am a wanderer.  HE IS MY SHEPHERD.  I am in danger.  HE IS A STRONG TOWER.  I am afraid.  HE REBUKES STORMS.  I am condemned.  HE IS MY REDEEMER.  I am alone.  HE IS MY FRIEND.  I am weak.  HE IS STRONG.  I search.  HE IS THE WAY.  My path leads to death.  HE IS LIFE.  I am a thief. HE GIVES.  I hate.  HE FORGIVES.  I cling to my life.  HE GAVE UP HIS LIFE.  I want to be first.  HE CHOSE TO BE LAST.  I seek to satisfy.  HE ALONE CAN SATISFY.  I am scarlet.  HE IS WHITE AS SNOW.  I cry.  HE HEARS.  I stumble.  HE STANDS.  I am quick tempered.  HE IS GENTLE.  I am in need.  HE SUPPLIES.  I am sick.  HE HEALS ALL MY DISEASES.  I am timid.  HE IS BOLD.  I despair.  HE IS HOPE.  I am a prisoner.  HE IS FREEDOM.  I did not choose Him.  HE CHOSE ME!  

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