Wednesday, October 24, 2012

As Clean As You Can Get

I'm trying to do my fall cleaning today.  I say trying because I'm doing it while also giving spelling tests and math tests, working on a Government unit study, and helping the younger kids memorize the books of the Bible and the Preamble to the Constitution.  I'm also working on a coupon match-up (it is penny item day at Publix!) doing laundry and changing diapers.  I've got Cheddar Broccoli soup cooking in the crock-pot and bread rising on the counter.  It's always good for me to get dinner nailed down before I dive into cleaning.  It's entirely possible for me to get so wrapped up in my cleaning projects that suddenly it is 7:00p.m. and my family members have all passed out from hunger.  So...dinner's ready, the kids are working, I'm popping in and out of the school room and the fall cleaning is underway. 

Do you do a Fall clean?  I like to do a Spring cleaning and a Fall Cleaning day.  This is when I do some of the "extras" that aren't in the regular cleaning line-up.

My fall cleaning projects are as follows:

Clean refrigerator (top, bottom, inside, out, and underneath)
Take spices off of spice rack, dust and put back
Remove china from cabinet, clean cabinet and put back
Clean garage (trash and donate)
Windex all the glass doors and mirrors
Clean blinds and window sills
Clean ceiling fans
Wash quilts and blankets
Mop all floors

Of course we will vacuum, dust, and clean bathrooms as well, but we do that every week. We have company coming this weekend so I'm encouraging the kids to go the "extra mile" in their cleaning jobs.  Hopefully by the end of the day we will have a clean house.  (As clean as you can get with 8 people, a cat and a dog, a fish and 3 hermit crabs.)

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