Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bargain Hunting

Living in our home are a man and wife, six children, a cat, a dog, and 4 fish.  If you think things can get a little crazy sometimes, you are correct!  So, when I had the opportunity today to go on a shopping extravaganza with one of my best pals, I went for it.  (Every mom needs an outing once in a while!)  We hunted down bargains like ninjas and I'm positive it was more fun than I've had in a long time.  You know, the almost wet your pants laughing kind of fun.  Although it doesn't have to be that funny for this mama with 6 deliveries under my belt to run into accident trouble. 

If you are interested, here's some of what you can get in the Chattanooga area right now.

At CVS you can get five 12packs of Mountain Dew for $14.00. (That's $2.80 for a 12 pack, or 23 cents per can.  So much better than hubby putting money in the vending machine at work!)  And if you are lucky you just might get some ECBs printed on your receipt.  I got $1.00 today!

ALDI has pineapples for 99 cents!  They are nice and big and smell wonderful.  I haven't seen them anywhere for less than $3.00.  They also have beautiful strawberries for 79 cents per pound and boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.69 a pound!  You should have seen the chicken we carried out of there. 

The Fresh Market has ground chuck for $2.99 per lb and milk is $2.99 per gallon.  I've been paying almost $4.00 for a gallon of milk so I was loving this.  (By the way, The Fresh Market has a special deal every Tuesday.)

Publix has the large boxes of Rice Krispies on sale for $2.00 per box and if you buy 2 boxes you get a FREE large bag of M&Ms.  My favorite deal at Publix is the $50.00 gas cards for $40.00.  Who doesn't love that when gas is right at $4.00 a gallon?  $10.00 worth of free gas!  I'm picking up a gift card every time I go in there until the deal ends.

If you are reading this and you are in the Chattanooga area this is only a tiny little bit of what you can get your hands on.  Wherever you are reading check your stores for sales and match up with coupons.  A lot of money can be saved and every Mama loves that!

If you asked me I would send you HERE or HERE! 


  1. We loved our trip to Aldi today. The oranges and mangoes were a bargain too. I can't hardly remember how we shopped before Aldi came to town and it is so quick to get in and out plus the store is SO clean here. I love good deals I need to go to CVS this week too. If only we had a Publix in Cleveland. I "need" to go to Joann's soon so maybe I can stop in at Publix too. We usually go to Sam's Mckays, Joanns and Publix wen we make Dr appt. well visits. It is such a fun outing! Love how Publix is nice and clean. Is there a good CVS to go to in the Chattanooga area. They seem bigger than ours here but the one I went to on Lee Highway was kinda scary! Haven't been to the Ooltewah Cvs yet.

  2. Unfortunately there isn't an Ooltewah CVS. I have to go to the Lee Highway one too. Wasn't too bad today but I know what you mean.

    And Aldi, I love it! So many great deals. My friend and I loaded up and I can't wait to go back. She had mentioned going to the one in Cleveland but we wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and The Fresh Market so we stayed in Chattanooga.

    I have a love affair with Publix too. The one I shop at is right off exit 11 and it is really nice. It's pretty new. I don't know how far that is from you but I'm thinking it's probably not too bad. Make sure you go to customer service when you get there and ask for coupons. They usually give you a lot. And, they give free balloons and cookies to the kids!



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