Friday, April 1, 2011

Top Picks 3rd - 5th grade

Here are some more of our favorites.  Remember, this is not everything we used with every student for each of the grades, just some of the standouts that we really loved.


  Proverbs People by Rick and Marilyn Boyer

Language Arts:  Alpha Omega Life Pac Grade 3

Spectrum Phonics Grade 3

Math:  Saxon Math 3
  Pathway Readers

Explode the Code Series

A Reason for Handwriting Series


 Studying God's Word  Darrel A. Trulson

Language Arts:  Alpha Omega Life Pac Grade 4

Spectrum Phonics Grade 4

  Saxon Math 5/4

The History of Our United States  A Beka Book

Apples:  Daily Spelling Drills for Secondary Students


Big Truths for Young Hearts  Bruce A. Ware

Christian Character  by Gary Maldaner

Language Arts:  Alpha Omega Life Pac Grade 5

Spectrum Phonics Grade 5

  Saxon Math 6/5

Investigating God's World  A Beka Book Science Series

Some other Science books I like for 3rd - 5th grade:

And for History I love these

We've used this for Art and the kids really enjoyed it - Drawing Basics with Thomas KinKade - DVD Curriculum

Boyhood and Beyond:  Practical Wisdom for Becoming a Man

Fun Reading:
The Sugar Creek Gang

The Moody Family Series

There are many more books we have read and loved and I am sure I'm forgetting some.  I've stayed with Saxon for Math, and Alpha Omega for Language Arts each year.  The children also read The Little House on the Prairie Series, and The Chronicles of Narnia Series, The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Series, and a whole lot of other books.  Everyone loves to read here!  Our family reads aloud missionary stories too and we've all enjoyed Hero Tales.

  I certainly could keep this list going on and on but this will suffice as some of our top picks for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.  Should you have any questions feel free to email me

Hope you do too!

Coming soon...Top Picks 6th -8th grade.  Stay tuned!

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