Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Back to Blogging

Hello friends!

My girls and I just got home yesterday from a most wonderful road trip.  We spent time with the people we love best, eating (too much) delicious food, visiting and shopping.  We've come home with thankful hearts full of happy memories.  

I wasn't too great at taking pictures this weekend.  I'm not sure why but I think I was just having too much fun to remember the camera.  

We attended our favorite Autumn celebration and I fell in love all over again with primitive decor.  We ate our weight in kettle korn and shopped til we dropped (literally).  It was a blast.  

My five men stayed home while the girls and I took our annual trip and I have to tell you I was pretty nervous about coming back.  I mean, I knew the house would still be standing but beyond that I was a little scared what I might be walking into.  I heard stories the entire time I was away about newly purchased airsoft guns, and a chipmunk in the house, and Dad's cooking.  I was really bracing myself for the worst.  I'm more than a little happy to report that the house was in near perfect shape.  I planned to spend all day today working through a laundry mountain, but there isn't one.  I feared there may some damage to the house - after all there were five men watching football and celebrating their manhood here - but instead I came home to everything being picked up and a very small pile of dirty clothes.  I was shocked to say the least, but oh so relieved.  :)  

So today, it's back to work for me and I couldn't be more eager to get back at it.  One of the first things I'll be doing is grocery shopping.  The cupboards aren't bare but they aren't full of the kinds of things one can make a meal with either.  My honey and the boys are begging me for vegetables.  That should tell you something about their diet while I was away.  In addition to gathering some food I will do a touch of cleaning and a bit of laundry and I'll pick back up on driving my taxi service right where I left off.  One boy needs a ride to work and a lucky little lady gets to start sewing lessons today and I get the privilege of transporting her there.  We are both very excited.      

What are you up to today??  I'd love to hear!

Since I've decided to get back to blogging this week here are some things I plan to get posted - 

My fall decorating,

A wreath (I hope to finish),

A couple of new dinner recipes

and part two of 50 Days of Home School.

Stay Tuned!  

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