Thursday, December 27, 2012

After Christmas Days

I love the days after Christmas almost as much as I love Christmas day.  The house is cozy as we are still enjoying the lights of the Christmas tree.  Only during this time of year do we spend an entire day in our pajamas reading and playing games.  The children are enjoying their Christmas gifts and my honey and I are sipping coffee watching them.  We have no where to be and nothing we have to do.  The kitchen is full of Christmas goodies.  The kiddos have their hot chocolate piled high with marshmallows and eat sugar cookies with frosting.  We play soft music and light candles.  The house feels warm and inviting and the family room furniture calls for us to nap.  No to-do list, no hustle-bustle, no time schedule, just calm and quiet.  The sweet scent of the Christmas candles, the smell of the ham warming up in the oven, and the sound of children playing fills the air.  There are visual reminders everywhere of how extremely blessed we are.  What a sweet time of family togetherness we enjoy in the days after Christmas.  Everything seems to come to a slow down and the calendar suddenly has open, empty spaces.  Dad can read aloud to the kids as I prepare supper nearby in the kitchen.  We can stay up late playing our new games.  We enjoy watching the little girls with their new toys as they play together so sweetly.  I might sneak off to the laundry room and stir up a little laundry and we might bundle up and take our dog on a walk but there's no real work to do on the days after Christmas.  There's no shopping or cleaning.  The baking is all done.  We now have plenty of time to laugh, to talk, to pray, and to play.  I love these special days after Christmas and I hope you are enjoying them too.  


  1. After Christmas is the best! Happy, blessed New Year to your family.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family Jennifer!



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