Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lovin from the Oven

We have a tradition in our home for birthdays.  Each year the kids get to choose what kind of party theme they want and what kind of cake they would like to have.  They have always wanted me to make their cakes and they've hardly ever had a store bought cake.  I'm not a professional cake decorator so fortunately my kiddos are very easy to please.  I've made some sad looking cakes over the years and my sweet children have just loved them.  Here are a couple of cakes I've made that are fun and easy.  If I can make them, anyone can!   

I made this for an Aquarium-themed party for one of my sons.

This is a fun way to make a rainbow cake...skittles and mini marshmallows.

Our annual Bunny Cake.  We make this every spring.

The Minnie Mouse Kit Kat cake
The Minecraft Creeper

The Barbie Cake
Ninja Turtle


The Great Eight
The Rainbow Cake

There are so many fun ways to do cakes for birthdays.  The important thing about birthdays is making the birthday child feel really special.  When moms take time to bake, kids feel the "lovin" from the oven.  We want our children to know they are really important to us and their day is a big deal. 

What do you do to make birthdays extra-special?  

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